It’s almost christmas! Which means counting down the days on your advent calendar, making wish lists, eating delicious baking and playing in the snow. I love Christmasimage because it makes everyone happier. This year I hope to get some mittens and lots of paint and art supplies as well as new reeds and gum.

Merry Christmas imaginary followers!


Me, myself and tenor!

I had started to play tenor sax in June and I have to say that I’m pretty good! I am transferring from clarinet (hopefully I make auditions!) In my school band. I am so excited and I honestly love it! I wanted some bass line without totally compromising my melody. Can’t wait! I don’t have any followers 😦 but hopefully I will soon. Have a great few last days of summer imaginary followers! 😉



A little bit of Artwork

I’m too young yet to have a career in Art, but here is some of my ATCs, which I made for a trading event on August 7th. We had about a month to make them, and trust me when I say that they were VERY time consuming!

           105 108

Post Title?

Hello People of the world! My name is Madison! What’s yours? Oh right, this is the internet… Anyway, I am involved in both preforming and visual arts as well as language and hope to post lots of interesting things to keep you internet specimens from dying of boredom. This is my very first post. It feels kind of strange, and quite mystifying. I hope you follow my blog daily (Or whenever I post. Don’t get any ideas. I am not ACTUALLY doing this daily!) Bye for now, winky face and all that jazz

-Madison 😉